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I was struck with SCA on September 11, 2002. My heart went into VF and I dropped in my driveway. Our daughter called to see what we were doing at about the same time. My wife checked on me and screamed… call 911!

The local police scanner picked up on the 911 call and was approximately two blocks away with the ONLY AED in the city placed in their squad car! Lucky Huh! The ambulance arrived 12 minutes after the call and transported me to the local hospital where I had a quadruple by pass and lots of meds.

Today, June 2011, I’m off all meds except 20 mil. of Crestor! I feel better than I’ve felt in years! Good diet, exercise and work to place AEDs and teach good CPR to all.

It’s a great second chance at life. I love it!

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