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On August 17, 2008, I participated in the Danskin Triathlon in Seattle and experienced sudden cardiac arrest during the swimming portion. About 20 yards from shore, I hung on to a man’s kayak for a minute and then let go and sunk to the bottom of Lake Washington. Two volunteer rescue divers got me on their boat and immediately started CPR and got me to shore where two bike medics took over. Then the paramedics and firefighters arrived and took me to Harboriew Hospital.

At the hospital they put me in a medically-induced coma and cooled my body temperature down for 24 hours then brought it back up. I spent 23 days in the hospital, where I had a minor stroke and had an ICD implanted. When I returned home, I had six months of PT, OT, and Speech therapy before returning to work. I still have spasticity in my left hand and arm but life is great!

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