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Welcome to the Starting Hearts Speakers Bureau in which you can invite Lynn Blake and Alan Himelfarb to speaking engagements, panels & workshops about SCA.  As you may know, Lynn Blake is not only the founder of Starting Hearts but she is a survivor of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Alan Himelfarb is a visionary leader who brings extensive experience in strategic planning, operational excellence, infrastructure development, setting and attaining goals, and much more.  His career has spanned the for-profit, nonprofit, and startup sector as an international business consultant.  Throughout his career, hee has worked with distinguished captains of industry such as Lee Iacocca of Ford and Robert Stempel of GM, and government leaders such as Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia. He holds a BA from Prescott College, an MBA with honors from Regis University, and pursued doctoral work on sustainability at the Grenoble School of Management in France.  Having lost his father to sudden cardiac arrest, Alan is passionate about his work at Starting Hearts and now dedicates his time and efforts to advancing the organization’s mission to save more lives of sudden cardiac arrest victims.  Alan is an engaging, energetic speaker who brings intelligence, insight, and stories from the heart to any event.

Lynn and Alan will speak on subjects related to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, best practices, establishing a model community, stakeholder development, leadership, CPR and defibrillator training, and stories from the heart.

As a nonprofit, Starting Hearts makes its speakers available for an honorarium. For more information, please contact us by email at info@startinghearts.org or by phone at (970) 763-5306.  We will be sure to respond immediately.  A list of recent presentations includes:

Speakers Bureau Presentations

  • Unknown Cause by Lynn Blake
    Grand Rounds, University Hospital, Cleveland, OH
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the Model Community by Alan Himelfarb
    9Health Fair, Eagle, CO
  • Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition by guest speaker, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
    All You Need Is Heart, Beaver Creek, CO
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest’s Time Has Come by Lynn Blake and Alan Himelfarb
    Revlon, New York, NY
  • Scheduled: Keynote Address to Pinnacle Partners by Alan Himelfarb Vail, CO

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