Meet the SH Team

Meet the SH Team; men, women, doctors, nurses,and community leaders of Eagle County Colorado whose mission is to teach, promote and save lives from SCA.

Starting Hearts Board of Directors

About Lynn Blake
Founder of Starting Hearts (2010); State of Colorado STEMI Task Force;AHA BLS Instructor

Lynn Blake - SH Founder

About Sue Froeschle
Retired public relations professional, Philanthropist
First responder and life saver
Joined Board January 2011

Sue Froeschle - SH Board Member

About Jacquie Landt
AHA BLS Instructor; Community Volunteer; Retired CRNA
Joined Board January 2011

Jacquie Landt - SH Board Member

About Christine Albertson
Marketing, Vail Valley Medical Center
Joined Board January 2011

Christine Albertson - SH Board Member

About Ilene Gauger
AHA BLS Instructor; Beaver Creek Public Safety
Joined Board January 2011

Ilene Gauger - SH Board Member

About Russell Molina
Retired Entrepreneur; Bravo! Vail Vice-Chair; ECO Finance Advisory Council; Vail Mountain School Board
Joined Board January 2011

Russell Molina - SH Board Member

About Carolyn Connolly
Fundraising Specialist; Business Entrepreneur
Joined Board January 2011

Carolyn Connolly - SH Board Member

About Graham Kane
BSP, NR-P, FP-C, CCP-C, AHA Training Center; Clinical Educator/Clinical Care Paramedic, Eagle County Paramedic Services
Joined Board January 2011

Graham Kane - SH Board Member

About Jim Spell
Safety Consultant; EM; Retired Fire Captain, Vail Fire Department; Journalist
Joined Board January 2011

Jim Spell - SH Board Member

Starting Hearts Advisory Board

About Doe Browning
Philanthropist and Philanthropy Consultant; Board Member, Colorado, Mountain College Foundation, Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, Bravo! Vail
Joined Board March 2015

Doe Browning

About Alan Markowitz
Chief Cardiac Surgery and Surgical Officer,
Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute
Joined Board January 2011

Alan Markowitz, M.D.

About Cathy Pollard
Cardiac Nurse
Joined Board January 2011

Cathy Pollard, R.N.

About Jack Eck
Vail Valley Medical Center
Joined Board January 2011

Jack Eck, M.D.

About Morton Mower
Co-Inventor of Implantable Defibrillator
Joined Board January 2011

Morton Mower, M.D.

About Mary Sperling
Retired special education teacher, Charitable contributor to MS Can Do,
Minneapolis Institute of Art, Project Angel Heart, Minneapolis Uptown
Foodshelf. Joined Board March 2015

Mary Sperling

About Robert Jacqmin
Former Medical Director, Hewitt’s Health Management Practice
Joined Board June 2017

Robert Jacqmin, M.D.

About Toby Mower
R.N., B.S., M.S. Ph.D., Philanthropist
Joined Board January 2011

Toby Mower, R.N.

About Cathy Tobin
PrepMD LLC; Boston Scientific;
United States Army
Joined Board January 2011

Cathy Tobin, RN

Starting Hearts Management Team

About Alan Himelfarb
Starting Hearts Executive Director

Alan Himelfarb - SH Executive Director

About Mike McGee
Defibrillator Program Manager

Mike McGee - SH Defibrillator Program Manager

About Mare Jacqmin
SH Instructor Program Manager

Mare Jacqmin - SH Instructor Program Manager

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