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Nearest DefibrillatorAmazingly, administering a defibrillator within three minutes of a cardiac arrest increases the chances of survival to as high as 90 percent! Unfortunately, few citizens can quickly find the exact location of a defibrillator, even if very close by.

Starting Hearts’ Nearest DEFIB™ program increases access to a defibrillator in public & private places. We do this with a mobile app called PulsePoint.  Starting Hearts’ Nearest DEFIB™ program increases access to defibrillators in public and private places. We do this with a free mobile app called PulsePoint. We pay the annual license fee for our communities and we manage the database for every defibrillator. This provides our citizens immediate information to quickly locate and retrieve the nearest defibrillator when needed, providing a lifesaving device when desperately needed. We also continue to place defibrillators everywhere in public in the communities we serve.

We gratefully receive donations then arrange installation in highly-trafficked public locations. We even use state-of-the art temperature controlled cabinets to insure, no matter the weather and temperature, our defibrillators are always ready when needed. Defibrillators save lives and Starting Hearts’ Nearest DEFIB™ program continues to place more and more of these lifesaving devices where needed. Want to personally or corporately sponsor a defibrillator? We’ll recognize your donation with your name or dedication for up to five years on the front of one or more of our publicly-placed cabinets. Please contact us at for more information.

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When seconds count, being able to locate and access the nearest DEFIB is just as critical as knowing how to use one properly. Knowing the location of your nearest DEFIB at all times can make the difference between life and death. Nearest DEFIB is an access-to-defibrillation program that helps communities place DEFIBs in strategic locations so they are easy to locate and readily accessible. Nearest DEFIB helps increase citizen awareness of DEFIB availability, so that when an SCA emergency strikes, you can feel secure in knowing you have easy access to the equipment you need, when you need it. Philips Onsite Defibrillator: All proceeds benefit Starting Hearts!

Philips Onsite Defibrillator: Price Breakdown

  • Philips Onsite Defibrillator
  • Carrying case, rescue kit, 2 sets adult electrodes, battery charge pack & orientation DVD
  • 8-Year Warranty
  • Medical Prescription (per CO State Statute)
  • Recognition on Starting Hearts’ Nearest DEFIB map
  • Site Evaluation
  • Waterproof/Weatherproof DEFIB Cabinet
  • Routine Replacement of Batteries and Adult Electrodes for 5 year
  • Insurance Against Theft or Damage
  • Device Management System
  • (Inspection/Maintenance logs, automated e-mail alerts and reports)
  • CPR & DEFIB Training for Expected Users
  • Written Policies & Procedures
  • Dispatch Notification/Integration
  • Ongoing Oversight
  • Post-Event Support
Philips Onsite Defibrillator

Defibrillator Information Sheet

Starting Hearts Defibrillator Sheet (PDF)

Donate A Defibrillator

Donate A Defibrillator

When you donate a defib. to Starting Hearts, you help increase the number of locations where a defib. can be used to save a life.  There are 4 different defib. packages that you can donate to Starting Hears and they are:

  • HeartStart OnSite$1,295
  • HeartStart OnSite Complete Package$2,195
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Donation Total: $1,295

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