Starting Hearts CALL.PUSH.SHOCK.™ Certification program offers a free 45-minute hands-on CPR/DEFIB training to help teach people how to save the lives of SCA victims.  We offer individual and group training for youth, adults, businesses, neighborhoods and other organizations wishing to learn how to respond quickly and effectively to Sudden Cardiac Arrest events.  CALL.PUSH.SHOCK.™ Citizen Certifications teach participants how to immediately recognize Sudden Cardiac Arrest and how to respond using the CALL.PUSH.SHOCK.™ approach. Training and certification in this approach can help you save the life of someone you love.

Don’t be a afraid to save a life! During Sudden Cardiac Arrest, CPR alone will not restart the heart. More than 60% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests are witnessed by bystanders. While calling 911 is important, the victim’s chances of survival are poor if bystanders don’t know exactly what to do the moment someone collapses. It is important to remember that Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is not a heart attack, and can happen to anyone, including children, young adults, and athletes.


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Learn more about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and what you should be looking for when there is a person in distress.

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