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Starting Hearts is founded on Empowerment. Every year in the US, EMS teams respond to nearly 360,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) events. Less than 10% survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest when it strikes outside of a hospital. Every second is critical. By placing DEFIBs in accessible locations throughout communities, Starting Hearts is working to increase the chances of survival when the unexpected happens.

Our Non-Profit organization offers several programs focused on placing DEFIBs in accessible locations in Eagle County for the community to save lives.  We also provide training and classes for members of the community to use these devices to save precious seconds before EMS arrives. Together we can make our community safer by increasing access to DEFIBs and making sure you know what to do in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Take the time to learn. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!



Starting Hearts CALL. PUSH. SHOCK.TM certification program offers a free 45-minute hands-on CPR/DEFIB training to help teach people how to save the lives of SCA victims.

Find The Nearest DEFIB™

Nearest DEFIB™

Starting Hearts’ Nearest DEFIB™ program increases access to a defibrillator in public & private places. We do this with a mobile app called PulsePoint.

Become A Neighbor Saver™

Neighbor Saver

In cooperation with PulsePoint, Starting Heart s has created the Neighbor Saver™ program that utilizes a free, downloadable mobile app to alert citizens of a cardiac arrest.

The Heart Rod

The Heart Rod

The Heart Rod is a CPR/DEFIB classroom on wheels in which we travel all over the country to help train and inform people about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

First Responders Scholarship

First Responders Scholarship

The Starting Hearts First Responders Scholarship Program is designed to supplement the education, training and services needed by first responders in the performance of their duties throughout the region.

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